Bring Your Own Device

Deploy a Secure and Scalable BYOD Strategy with Axway API Gateway

Consumer mobile devices, namely iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, have surpassed BlackBerry and Palm as the preferred mobile computing platforms for business use. In the BYOD workplace, it is now common for employees to buy and upgrade mobile devices on their own for mixed personal and business use, and demand to use them to connect to corporate networks. Enterprises that cannot meet this demand risk losing productivity and talented staff.

Axway API Gateway enables enterprises to deploy a pragmatic, secure and scalable BYOD strategy by mediating access to enterprise applications via enterprise APIs. The Axway API Gateway integrates mobile computing with existing business applications and security infrastructures while at the same time minimizing the risks introduced by devices that are not chosen or managed by enterprise IT.

Minimize risk with secure and scalable API delivery

Axway API Gateway is built on an ultra-high-performance engine that executes API transformation, security, traffic management and monitoring tasks at wire speed; no competing product is faster. Without containing access or wiping devices remotely, you can use Axway API Gateway to configure your API delivery for high availability, load distribution, geographical optimization, elasticity using cloud and virtualized infrastructures, security and disaster recovery.

Control access at the API level

Mobile applications are lightweight clients that do not do much local processing. Instead, they connect to cloud or on-premise business systems to access data and execute transactions. In this scenario, it is more secure and scalable to control access at the API level than at the device level.

Axway API Gateway enables enterprises to deploy rigorous API-level authentication and authorization measures that enforce access decisions instantly and better protect against compromised devices and applications. Options include:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with all the leading identity management platforms such as CA, IBM and Oracle
  • Contextual authorization that can dynamically adjust access to data and functions based on application type, device location, network, time of day and access behavior.
  • Multi-factor authentication to further establish the trust level of the device and the device user

Limit data storage on devices using mobile APIs

Mobile applications store data locally because connectivity is not always available and APIs are generally not designed to factor in the security risks of mobile devices. Instead of wiping the device of sensitive data after the fact, it is more secure and scalable to limit the amount of data stored on the devices in the first place.

With Axway API Gateway, it is possible to significantly reduce or completely eliminate on-device data storage through mobile-specific APIs based on existing enterprise APIs by adding additional data security and management policies. By moving more features to the API level, you can also rely more on web applications and less on native applications.

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