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Integrate mobile computing with your existing business applications and security infrastructure

With smartphone and tablet sales growing 300% faster than notebook computer sales, mobile computing is now an integral part of the enterprise IT landscape. This means that today's enterprises must have pragmatic and scalable strategies to provide secure access to data and applications from multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Axway provides the capabilities you need to quickly and securely deliver mobile solutions on top of existing Web Services and application APIs, so you can keep pace with the demands of a mobile world and rapid changes in technology.

Axway API Gateway

Axway API Gateway is a leading gateway with API Management capabilities for mobile APIs that enable enterprises to dynamically transform SOAP/XML to REST/JSON-style APIs on the fly. Rather than sotring data on the mobile device, you can minimize risk by controlling system and data access at the API level; extend your enterprise identity management platform to secure mobile access in BYOD environments; and gain the elastic scalability you need to handle increasing API traffic to and from mobile devices.

Axway API Gateway solutions for Mobile Enablement include:

  • BYOD - Axway enables enterprise BYOD by ensuring that all data – including sensitive data – is delivered to mobile apps through secure APIs, rather than requiring data to be stored on unsecured and untrusted mobile devices. This approach minimizes the risks introduced by devices that are not chosen or managed by enterprise IT. Axway API Gateway protects data in the mobile world by applying controls at the API layer; for example, if an employee loses a mobile device that runs apps enabling access to customer data, the employee's API access is controlled completely at the API layer. No one subsequently using the device can access customer data and nothing is stored on the device.
  • Mobile API - Axway helps expose existing legacy infrastructure as mobile APIs that are easy to consume with security, monitoring, auditing, high availability and a positive user experience.
  • REST Security - API Gateway authenticates and authorizes REST API requests regardless of the different approaches used for REST security, making it just as easy to implement enterprise-strength protection and integration for REST APIs as it is for SOAP and other APIs.
  • API Security - Organizations must ensure that their mobile APIs do not become an avenue of attack, subject to Denial-of-Service or data-mining. Axway enables you to deflect attacks against, control access to, and secure data transmitted by API and SOA services with comprehensive out-of-the-box API security capabilities. Complete auditing, monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities also help you meet the most stringent compliance mandates.
  • Fine-Grained Authorization - Enable role-based, fine-grained authorization for legacy APIs to prevent exposure of sensitive data and ensure compliance.
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