Axway Workstation: A Service-Oriented File Transfer Workhorse

Axway Workstation is a service-oriented client that lets you automatically establish last mile connections with your trading partners, with minimal end-user prerequisites and maximum ease of use.

Available as a zero-footprint Java Applet with a graphical user interface, or a command line batch application that enables integration with your partners’ applications, Workstation’s fast-and-easy provisioning framework means low-cost, initial software deployment and very little ongoing maintenance or training. Business users can easily move files from their stations to your hub without knowing anything about the underlying technology.

You start by centrally defining and configuring transfer services on your Web server hub, including partner settings (identifiers, addresses), protocol settings (buffer size, compression), security settings (certificates, cipher suites, proxies, firewall) and end-of-transfer scripts.

Your partners can then access your predefined transfer services to:

  • Send and receive files in client mode,
  • Execute a batch file at the end of a transfer (and optionally download the file from a URL),
  • Monitor transfer status with end-to-end acknowledgements.

Workstation’s end-user interface features business-oriented labels, tailorable transfer icons and free-form parameter labels.

Other Axway endpoints include:

  • Activator, a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner onboarding. 
  • Secure Client, a next-generation file transfer client for exchanging files via HTTP/S, FTP/S and FTP.
  • Web Clients, low- to no-footprint HTTP endpoints that connect any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.
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