Axway Web Clients: Quick and Easy B2B and Managed File Transfer

Axway Web Clients are simply the fastest, easiest way to exchange files with your B2B community. Axway Web Clients are:

  • Low to no footprint: No manual installation is required because software components are deployed and updated automatically.
  • Plug-and-trade: You can immediately begin exchanging files with any trading partner who has Internet access and a Web browser. Users communicate with your hub using HTTP or HTTP/S and navigate via customized HTML screens - you have complete control over the end-user experience.
  • Easily enhanced: Simple installation of an ActiveX control in the Microsoft IE browser enables guaranteed delivery and checkpoint/restart capabilities.

Axway Web Clients include:

  • Rich Internet Client - a Web 2.0-based interface for exchanging files over secure HTTP with Axway SecureTransport. This client enhances the user experience with drag-and-drop to the browser, overcomes the 2GB browser limit, and introduces MFT principles such as checkpoint/restart, pause, resume and MDN confirmation for transferred files.
  • WebEDI - a forms-based Web application that provides standard EDI business processes to external partners that do not have their own EDI infrastructure.
  • WebTrader - a browser-based interface for mailbox-based exchange of files over secure HTTP with Axway Interchange.

Other Axway EndPoints include:

  • Activator, a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner on-boarding. 
  • Secure Client, a next-generation file-transfer client for exchanging files via HTTP/S, FTP/S, and FTP.


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