Axway Transfer CFT

Govern the flow of data with enterprise-ready MFT and central governance for very large deployments

As business processes become increasingly complex and interdependent, the need to efficiently and securely move data between diverse systems and applications across multiple sites within the organization grows exponentially. When this happens, businesses that rely on FTP and homegrown solutions find they are unable to meet their own constantly evolving business needs at the speed the organization requires — and keep up with the ever-increasing volume of internal traffic — in a secure, affordable and manageable way. And since much of today’s critical interaction with business partners relies on related internal communication, a comprehensive internal file transfer system has become just as valuable as your external file transfer system.

Axway Transfer CFT is an enterprise-ready, multi-platform file and message transfer controller designed for very large deployments. Ensuring the same quality of service and a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise — regardless of the underlying platforms — Axway Transfer CFT is a non-intrusive platform that can be implemented on a massive scale while reducing the design, implementation and operations costs associated with governing the flow of data for critical multi-site business processes.

Axway Transfer CFT is more flexible, manageable, scalable and secure than conventional, application-based file transfer approaches. It is the only internal file transfer solution available today that provides the robust capabilities usually found only in external file transfer solutions. And it is integrated with Axway Central Governance, an innovative software solution that provides deep visibility and unified flow management for Axway 5 Suite components. Through a central “cockpit,” Axway Central Governance enables rapid response to changing business requirements by providing faster data flow deployment; reduces operational management costs; eliminates middleware configuration errors and inconsistencies; and provides out-of-the-box data-flow visibility through dashboards and alerts.

Meet changing business requirements in any IT environment

Lines of business (LOBs) typically focus on reaching their own objectives, and on enhancing IT performance to meet targets in a timely manner. At the same time, more and more processes must run across multiple LOBs in an organization. All of this complexity must be synchronized, with full visibility into file transfer status for all parties — and that means deploying a complete Managed File Transfer solution such as Axway Transfer CFT.

For handling legacy heterogeneity, Axway Transfer CFT provides inherent data-conversion capabilities across more than 20 different platforms, from Windows to UNIX and Linux, to mainframes and the AS400.

Axway Transfer CFT is easier to integrate with applications than either message queuing or ESB solutions, and can extend those technologies to create a more complete solution — especially for large-file transfers. You can submit new transfer requests from Web Services invocation, Java/C/Cobol APIs or a command-line interface. It also simplifies FTP replacement and process migration with features including native folder monitoring, which allows transfer of a file or a group of files based on dedicated directories. For example, you can use Axway Transfer CFT as a server to broadcast multiple files from a mainframe to distributed applications, and you can also use it as a client to pull data from branch offices to corporate headquarters.

Protect sensitive data with advanced security

Axway Transfer CFT customers are global enterprises with distributed networks and several internal DMZs that must work together to secure the enterprise. Axway Secure Relay is natively integrated with Transfer CFT, acting as a DMZ proxy to protect data, customers and networks while enabling critical file-transfer services between authorized parties.

SSL-secured connections ensure the authentication of connected endpoints, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of exchanged data. In addition, Axway Transfer CFT can leverage S/MIME, CMS and/or PGP to encrypt and decrypt data at rest based on security policies you define. That means files are secured from the moment they are created, independent of the data communication method used for file delivery. Transfer CFT’s security pre-processing feature allows users to encrypt, digitally sign and scan messages for viruses prior to sending.* And Axway Transfer CFT ensures non-repudiation through built-in cryptographic file integrity testing, user authentication, encrypted transfer and storage, and a centralized audit trail.

Improve manageability and visibility

Axway Transfer CFT does a lot more than move data around securely. Business-oriented monitoring, transfer services and end-to-end configuration and control are available and adaptable for both business managers and IT staff. Axway Transfer CFT enables you to view the state of transfers, audit transfer histories in compliance with government regulations, receive alerts when a problem occurs (including non-events), and quickly act to remedy transfer issues.

Utilize multi-node (active/active) clustering to enable groups of servers hosting Transfer CFT nodes to be load-balanced and secured. High availability and horizontal scalability virtually eliminate downtime, improve quality of service, and help sustain private cloud architectures.

Axway Transfer CFT leverages Axway Sentinel to provide visibility into real-time and/or event-based information on any node of your Transfer CFT network; and supports non-event correlation, interactive dashboards and multi-channel alerts. Powerful audit features provide highly detailed information based on the different ways Transfer CFT is used and the associated data flows. For example, you can monitor the status of a flow of data at each step of a business process in fine-grained detail.

Employ highly scalable governance

Integration with Axway Central Governance delivers the power of centralized management — regardless of how much your organization grows — so that thousands of instances with hundreds of combined applications, configurations and files can be automatically deployed and easily managed. In particular, the solution provides the ability to self-register, configure and monitor Transfer CFT instances from one central location, using fewer IT resources. And, for added control, you can create and centrally manage groups of any size — by country, division, message type and more. To ensure ease-of-use and guarantee security, all governance features are available using secured Single Sign-On (SSO).

Reduce costs and optimize IT resources

Configurable strategies for connection retries, checkpoint/restart, and backup paths optimize usage of IT resources and infrastructure and help minimize labor-intensive, break-and-fix procedures. Parallel transfer allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Other advanced features include logical naming, store-and-forward file routing, broadcasting, priority planning and file compression.

Axway Transfer CFT enables you to establish priority for some files over others in order to optimize speed and bandwidth while controlling network bandwidth for incoming and outgoing data based on the type of partner, time, nature of the transfer and more.

With support for EBICS (Windows and UNIX platforms), Axway Transfer CFT can help organizations achieve SEPA-readiness.

Maximize business responsiveness and fulfill SLAs

Axway Transfer CFT’s unique pre- and post- processing framework manages the delegation of tasks to the file transfer service and provides the ability to add functions to file transfers with complete traceability and control of the entire interaction.

Axway Transfer CFT enables just-in-time file/data processing with either an event-oriented approach to processing or a conventional, schedule-based approach. This means that file data is processed as soon as the event occurs, eliminating all latencies and providing fast, Straight-Through Processing (STP).

Missing deadlines or SLAs because large files don’t arrive on time can be costly, leading to fines, botched production schedules and added interest payments. But with Axway Transfer CFT, you can accelerate the transfer of large files — even across great distances — using our File Transfer Acceleration option for Windows and UNIX.

*Virus scan requires additional third party software.

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