Govern the flow of data within your enterprise

Even if your accounting, inventory, payment, product, customer, and sales data isn’t traveling beyond the firewall, corporate and government mandates require that it be managed and secured it as it flows among departments, applications and sites within your organization.

Any disruption in the flow of critical data across your internal infrastructure can have a far-reaching ripple effect — the IT director, the application manager, the business process owner, the vice president of supply chain, the CIO, partners, customers, and even the CEO can be adversely impacted. Yet many enterprises still rely on outdated proprietary software to facilitate the movement of data across internal domains, or live in fear of a ticking time bomb made up of rogue integration and FTP servers and vulnerable homegrown and point-to-point connections.

Do you have a clear map of the applications and systems involved in your data flows? Do you have controls around the technical, business and governance constraints surrounding your data exchanges?

With Axway Transfer CFT and Axway Central Governance – both components of Axway 5 Suite – you can consolidate your internal cross-departmental integration with a single solution that provides:

  • Enterprise-ready deployment and centralized management of thousands of instances using Axway Central Governance. Central Governance provides a data flow repository to map data flows to the entities and components that execute them, and a central “cockpit” that enables rapid response to changing business requirements by providing faster data flow deployment; reduces operational management costs; and provides out-of-the-box data-flow visibility through dashboards and alerts.
  • Elimination of configuration errors and inconsistencies. Configuration parameters are automatically generated from the data flow definitions in the repository and administrators have full control of the configuration deployment.
  • Secure, fast and reliable transfer and tracking of data and files internally across mainframes, IBM i and other systems in any mode — scheduled, event-driven, store-and-forward, push or pull, synchronous or asynchronous — regardless of changing file sizes and volumes or spikes in loads, without accidental data leakage or loss, and without application rewrites.
  • Easy integration across applications using the most suitable solution, whether it is a Web Services invocation, Java/C/Cobol APIs, command-line interface or folder monitoring. Transfer CFT provides superior event based standard and managed integrations capabilities as compared to any existing FTP or homegrown MFT solution. Additionally, the associated pre- and post-processing framework allows multi-step value-added transfers.
  • Security and identity management with Central Governance providing authentication, role-based access management and certificate lifecycle management. Individual Transfer CFT nodes enable file signature and encryption.
  • End-to-end visibility and alerting through out-of-the-box dashboards that provide technical and business metrics on end-to-end flows of data.
  • End-to-end data flow governance and control with the ability to monitor data flows across different integrations and technologies, and take action based on business rules to optimize business performance and satisfy SLAs.
  • Drastically reduced operational management complexity and cost with a central console for executing day-to-day tasks.

Learn more about Axway MFT solutions:

  • MFT Gateways. Securely exchange files externally with one of Axway’s B2B gateways.
  • Endpoints & Community Solutions. Manage large communities and make it easy for everyone in your business ecosystem to communicate with you.
  • Ad hoc MFT. Establish the same levels of security, visibility, and traceability for unscheduled file transfers via email as you do for automated B2B and A2A file transfers.
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