Axway Track & Trace for Diversion Detection

Channel diversion occurs when a product is sold through an unauthorized “gray market” sales channel without the direct knowledge of the manufacturer. This kind of product diversion — whether of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment, or shampoo — puts your organization’s brand and profit margins at risk. It increases customer service costs, demand volatility, and exposure to counterfeits. And, if your products are mislabeled or tampered-with, it jeopardizes public safety. 

While your channel partners have a clear responsibility to adhere to the terms and conditions of your partner programs, the burden of enforcing them ultimately falls on you.

Axway Track & Trace delivers powerful business logistics management capabilities that can help you quickly detect product diversion, through a centralized framework for managing serialized product and channel information. It aggregates product lifecycle events from multiple sources, including disparate internal systems and channel partner sales data, to provide a single source of actionable intelligence for channel managers. Track & Track can also integrate with your order and customer management systems, so managers can track channel performance against supply policies to quickly detect anomalies.

By associating serial numbers, product master data, and distribution channel information for the life of the product, Track & Trace enables you to:

  • Maintain a permanent link between a product (bulk or individual) and the initial distribution channel partner purchase order.
  • Allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. 
  • Support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product. 
  • Validate incentive program claims against policies.
  • Define custom business rules, alerts, reports, and dashboards to create a chain of evidence and help departments responsible for product security or brand protection analyze information coming in from channel partners.
  • Enable your customer service department to quickly answer customer, partner, or consumer questions about the warrantee, recall, or destruction status of a product. 

You can deploy multiple Event Repositories at the regional level to meet localized business objectives, and decentralize data storage and management of serialized events to reduce costs and risks. A central Event Repository can integrate the regional repositories to provide a global view of product life cycle events across the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

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