Axway Track & Trace for Anti-Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting has gone way beyond “knockoffs” of designer purses and name-brand sunglasses. Today, sophisticated schemes target a broad range of products around the world, introducing new dangers in markets such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and car/plane replacement parts. This raises the stakes, because it’s not just revenues and corporate images that are threatened — consumer health and safety are also at risk.

  • Analysts estimate that nearly 10 percent of the drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit, posing a significant risk to patient safety and brand revenue. Given the global nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain, manufacturers are struggling with the growing complexity and cost of deploying regional compliance solutions.
  •  For consumer goods suppliers, such as computer OEMs, counterfeits do significant damage to revenues and brand reputation, and often go undetected until the bogus warranty claims come flooding in.
  • For automotive and aircraft replacement parts, counterfeits that are manufactured in violation of trademark, refurbished but not disclosed as such, repackaged without authorization, or assembled with unauthorized component parts erode profits and jeopardize public safety.

Axway Track & Trace combats counterfeiting with an open, flexible, and efficient business activity monitoring solution for capturing and managing end-to-end supply chain events. By associating business context, product, and customer master data, event data used to monitor processes is transformed into actionable intelligence that is available to all trusted partners in the chain.

By providing clear visibility into what is happening in you distribution channels, Track & Trace enables you to:

  • Maintain a permanent link between a product (bulk or individual) and the initial distribution channel partner purchase order.
  • Allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. 
  • Ensure compliance with existing and emerging track and trace regulations, such as ePedigree.
  • Support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product. 
  • Reduce revenue loss, mitigate brand risk, and protect consumers by quickly identifying suspect product in the market, and rapidly initiating targeted recalls if necessary.
  • Immediately identify invalid warranty claims.
  • Define custom business rules, alerts, reports, and dashboards to help departments responsible for product security or brand protection analyze information coming in from the field.
  • Enable your customer service department to quickly answer customer, partner, or consumer questions about the warrantee, recall, or destruction status of a product. 

You can deploy multiple Event Repositories at the regional level to meet localized business objectives, and decentralize data storage and management of serialized events to reduce costs and risks. A central Event Repository can integrate the regional repositories to provide a global view of product life cycle events across the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

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