Axway Track & Trace – See the Big Picture... Down to the Smallest Detail

Modern supply chains can be incredibly complex, with vast networks of distribution points in the marketplace and large numbers of intermediaries responsible for managing them.

In this environment, management of processes and events across the entire supply chain is both difficult and crucial — difficult because there are so many variables and moving parts in play; and crucial because a lack of transparency and control creates more opportunities for diversion and fraud. These factors increase the risk of regulatory violations and hinder an organization’s ability to meet product quality and safety expectations.

Based on an open GS1 standards-based framework, Axway Track & Trace provides end-to-end transparency, supply chain logistics management, and product authentication services across even the most complex supply chains. Flexible and efficient sharing of business analytics between trading partners along your extended collaborative supply chain supports optimization of all track and trace initiatives.

Track & Trace can be quickly deployed —hosted in the cloud or licensed on premise— so you don’t have to divert resources from more profitable uses. Key features and functionality include:

  • Regulatory compliance: Comply with current U.S. state and proposed Federal legislation reporting and e-pedigree requirements outlined in California SB 1307 and the U.S. Federal HR 3204 Drug Quality and Security Act.
  • GS1 certification: Axway Track & Trace is independently certified by GS1 for both Electronic Product Code Information Systems (EPCIS 1.0) and Document-Based Pedigree (DPMS 1.0) standards for interoperability. Full support for GS1 US Healthcare Implementation Guide for Pedigree and Track and Trace 1.0 allows DPMS e-pedigrees to be constructed from standard EPCIS events.
  • Event repository and EPCIS queries: Securely capture, retrieve, transfer and manage key product and serialized event data. The Event Repository supports EPCIS queries to capture commissioning, packaging, and product movement events as well as change-of-ownership and other financial events to provide a complete picture of the product lifecycle.
  • Integration: Easily integrate Track & Trace with third-party systems, allowing internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, and event data at any point in the supply chain.
  • Serialization: Use the Serial Number Manager to generate and allocate unique serial number ranges across multiple locations, making it easier to manage the generation of serial numbers at the enterprise level.
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  • Diversion detection: Increase your revenues and protect your profits by detecting potential “gray market” product diversion.
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  • Global regulatory compliance: Comply with changing global regulations for pharmaceuticals, devices, and food products, and prepare for emerging requirements including ePedigree.
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  • Anti-counterfeiting: Protect your brand and meet safety and quality expectations by rapidly identifying counterfeit products.
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