SharePoint Accessibility and Single Sign On (SSO)

Improve SharePoint accessibility, security and performance across the enterprise

Microsoft SharePoint is a popular enterprise collaboration platform, in large part because it is easy for individual groups and departments to set up and use. As usage proliferates across the organization however, locally managed SharePoint sites often fail to conform to the security, performance and accessibility policies and standards established by enterprise IT.

Axway API Gateway offers a SharePoint gateway solution to help enterprises make multiple SharePoint sites more secure and accessible while improving overall performance for a better user experience.

Single sign-on (SSO) across SharePoint

Axway API Gateway provides out-of-the-box, agent-less SharePoint SSO integration with leading access management products, including CA SiteMinder and Oracle Access Manager. Axway further simplifies SSO by integrating with Windows desktop sign-on, so users can access SharePoint instances without ever entering their credentials in the browser.

Simplify mobile and remote access

Axway API Gateway simplifies access control for enterprises with multiple SharePoint sites by providing built-in orchestration that hides complexity from users and SharePoint servers. It leverages existing enterprise access management platforms to secure mobile and remote access to SharePoint, without resorting to point solutions designed specifically for just SharePoint mobile and remote access.

Improve performance with smart cache management

Static content that is frequently accessed, such as policies, templates and reports, can make SharePoint sites very slow. Axway API Gateway provides a cache management service that makes content delivery more intelligent by automatically detecting requests for static content and forcing a reload from the browser's cache. This approach drastically reduces SharePoint traffic volume and has proven to improve SharePoint performance by a minimum of 30% out-of-the-box.

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