Axway Integrator – Expertly Manage Partner Networks with Business Process Integration

Change is constant, both inside and beyond company firewalls. New clients, acquisitions, partnerships, standards, and software create a continuous loop of changing business processes and new IT requirements.

Axway Integrator is designed to help your IT group manage the organic growth and complexity of partner networks. Based on powerful supervision facilities that are remotely centralised, Integrator provides real-time, scalable information control, transformation, and routing for quick data integration and validation regardless of data complexity or volume.

With Axway Integrator, you can:

  • Benefit from a highly scalable, “any-to-any” and “many-to-many” transformation engine that offers full support for standard and non-standard document types, direct database read/write, and multiple input, target and reference files in a single transformation routine.
  • Quickly adapt and react . Process data from anywhere, in any format, including all variants of XML, EDI, flat files, in-house applications and ERPs such as Oracle, SAP and Lawson.
  • Better respond to customer data requests. Send processed data to recipient applications with the data structure and transport mode they require, and the precision timing they expect.
  • Save time and money during implementation. Integrator offers a variety of ways to integrate with your legacy applications.
  • Quickly deploy new applications. Underlying technical complexities are hidden within Integrator, accelerating the deployment of software changes and upgrades.
  • Automatically generate data models from external sources.
  • Reduce development time and free up technical staff. Replace point-to-point interfaces with a convenient, centralised exchange platform.
  • Increase data flexibility. Route information (in real time, batch mode, or both) to multiple recipients in different data formats and reception modes.
  • Create a truly global partner community. Perform any-to-any exchanges with improved interoperability and conversion between all standards and protocols.
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