Axway Accounting Integration Suite – Enhance, Organize, and Harmonize Financial Integration Management

Combining a powerful accounting rules engine with unparalleled ease-of-use, Axway Accounting Integration Suite optimizes standard daily operations to supply both management and accounting systems (control, reporting, and consolidation) with all required data. Accounting Integration Suite enhances performance during transformation (generating accounts records), organizes input into concurrent and/or distributed phases, and harmonizes business and accounting rules configuration.

With Axway Accounting Integration Suite, your organization can:

  • Deploy a single system to perform standard data operations and accounting-specific functions, including account balancing, transaction reversals, group account record processing, routing to multiple destinations, and tracked maintenance of accounting ledgers.
  • Simplify compliance. Accounting Integration Suite is specifically designed to respond to the complex regulatory environment for financial data processing and accounting reporting, represented by initiatives such as International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
  • Centralize accounting rules and create audit trails. Empower accounting departments with centralized control and ownership of accounting rules. Produce and apply dated, time-stamped rules that create audit trails and add transparency to the production of accounts.
  • Improve accounting agility and efficiency. Accounting Integration Suite helps businesses quickly integrate operational production systems with General Ledgers (local GAAP) and reporting systems, compliance-enabled reporting (IFRS, side ledgers, etc.), and financial monitoring systems (MIS, Risks, Reporting, and others).
  • Provide management with advanced reporting capabilities. Create financial reports and publish them to a Web page for easy access and distribution to management.
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