Broad Data Integration Experience

With over a two decades of field-proven reliability and over 11,000 customers worldwide, Axway offers robust solutions for end-to-end integration of data exchanges, both within your organization and with your trading community of external partners, suppliers, and customers.

Axway's data and software integration products process data from any source and in any format – including all variants of XML and EDI – and send the data on to recipient applications with the data structure and transport mode they require, and the precision timing they expect.

  • Axway Integrator provides real-time, scalable information control, transformation, and routing for integrating and validating data quickly, regardless of data complexity or volume.
  • Axway Mapping Services is the easiest and most user-friendly way to create new transformation maps. If the map you want doesn’t exist, you can quickly create it, emulate it and deploy it.
  • Axway Accounting Integration and compliance solutions provide support for multiple accounting standards, full audit trails, and high performance for any volume of data.
  • Axway Business Process Management solutions enables organizations to design, execute, manage, and monitor platform-independent business processes that span multiple steps, multiple users, multiple applications, and multiple organizations – including business units, partners, suppliers, and customers.
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