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Manage, secure and monitor enterprise SOA services

Typically, reusable services are employed in both application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) integrations, built on an extensive and well-defined set of standards including WSDL, SOAP, SAML and the group of WS-* standards.

As the reach of SOA services is extended to expose sensitive data and critical business applications for cloud, mobile and web consumption, enterprises need to be vigilant about managing, securing and monitoring their access and use.

Axway API Gateway

Axway API Gateway provides comprehensive governance capabilities for SOA services to protect them at the interface, access and data levels. Complete auditing, monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities also help enterprises meet stringent compliance mandates. Axway API Gateway solutions for governing SOA services include:

SOA gateway — Axway API Gateway provides security and governance for your SOA infrastructure through a non-invasive gateway approach. In addition, as demand for your SOA services increases, Axway API Gateway can offload CPU-intensive tasks from application servers and enterprise service buses (ESBs), providing a seamless and cost effective way to scale your application and SOA infrastructure.  

SOA security — Comprehensive attack-prevention and out-of-the-box identity management integration protects your business against attacks and security breaches that can result in brand damage, loss of revenue and compliance penalties. Security capabilities include authentication, authorization, audit, trust relationship management and identity federation.

Integrated policy enforcement — Axway API Gateway is an integrated policy enforcement point (PEP) for:

  • Controlling access to SOA services. Axway API Gateway provides out-of-the-box integrations with all the leading identity and access management technologies such as Axiomatics, CA, Entrust, IBM, Novell, Oracle and RSA.
  • Managing performance and quality of service (QoS). Axway API Gateway monitors and adjusts service performance and quality in real-time based on policies and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Ensuring compliance and audit-readiness. Axway API Gateway captures transaction data and creates the audit trails necessary to meet governance, audit, and compliance requirements.
  • Enforcing data security and privacy. Axway API Gateway monitors API and Web Service traffic to prevent data leakage and enforces policies to redact and encrypt data in motion and at rest.

Policy lifecycle management — Axway API Gateway provides all of the capabilities required to manage a policy throughout its lifecycle, from development to retirement. A centralized administration console serves as a single point of control for policy versioning, exception management, deployment, promotion and rollback.

Extensive scripting support for JavaScript, Jython, Groovy and Ant enables automation of policy administration tasks to comply with data center change management policies, and scripted deployment helps to avoid manual errors and improve process integrity.

Visibility and monitoring — Axway API Gateway makes it easy to monitor policy compliance, including API service usage details and performance metrics, without deploying additional monitoring or sniffer technologies. Real-time metrics and comprehensive, drill-down reports show who is using your services, how often they use them and what service levels they are experiencing. Axway also provides data feeds into network, system and log management products to enable centralized monitoring in network operation centers.

SOA registry and repository support— SOA registries (UDDI) and repositories provide a centralized source of the service and endpoint metadata that governs how API services should be implemented, deployed and managed. In addition to a built-in policy repository and API Catalog, Axway API Gateway is integrated with leading registry and repository products, including HP Systinet, Oracle Enterprise Repository & Service Registry and Software AG Centrasite.

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