All Secure Applications Need PKI Safeguards for Identity Security

Around the world, banks, businesses, governments, and defense organizations have implemented Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) to secure everything from enterprise network access, to multi-million dollar electronic transactions, to physical entry into military facilities. These PKI-enabled systems depend on digital certificates—electronic credentials issued by a certification authority (CA)—to validate the identity of individuals, organizations, and devices before granting access. But the integrity of any PKI is only as good as the identity validation system it uses to validate digital certificates.

Like a passport, driver’s license, or any other physical credential, an electronic credential can expire or be revoked for any number of reasons. And, just like a point-of-sale credit card transaction must be authorized in real time, the status of a digital certificate—and the CA that issued it—must be validated in real time. Otherwise, an organization leaves itself vulnerable to fraud, theft, and other security threats.

The Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite offers a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable framework for real-time validation of digital certificates within PKI environments, ensuring the validity and integrity of highly valued and trusted transactions. Axway VA is a proven, fourth-generation solution that has been deployed by customers in security-intensive market segments, including financial services and healthcare, and sophisticated government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense.

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