Email Encryption – Can You Field Today’s Data Loss Risks?

Whether you need to protect confidential information and intellectual property, comply with increasingly stringent government and industry regulations, meet the security demands of partners, suppliers and customers, or prevent accidental or intentional email data leakage, you need powerful, easy-to-implement email encryption that doesn’t require additional staff or disrupt established workflow.

Every organization has its own unique email security needs when it comes to delivering sensitive information — from complying with privacy and data protection regulations such as U.S.-based HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA requirements, the European Union Data Protection Directive, and Japan’s Personal Data Protection Law – to meeting the security demands of partners, suppliers and customers.

Clearly, the stakes are high. Yet many email encryption solutions (such as desktop-based encryption) rely on thousands of individuals installing and consistently using digital certificates, or making individual decisions about when encrypted email is necessary — a strategy that is cost-prohibitive, time-consuming, disruptive to the business, and, in the end, ineffective as a strategy for data loss prevention.

Axway Secure Mailbox - part of the Axway MailGate platform - is a powerful, easy-to-implement email encryption module that doesn’t require additional staff or disrupt established workflow. Using powerful content filtering capabilities, Secure Mailbox inspects all inbound and outbound email at the network gateway, and takes any necessary action in accordance with policies that your organization defines. This perimeter-based design simplifies compliance and governance by ensuring that all users adhere to your enterprise privacy and security policies all the time, with no need to install client software on individual desktops.

The bottom line is that Axway Secure Mailbox guarantees that every employee, customer, and partner benefits from powerful data encryption capabilities without having to actively implement or manage anything.

Currently deployed at some of the most security-conscious enterprises in the Global 2000, Secure Mailbox:

  • Enforces enterprise messaging security policies and identifies policy violations based on inbound and outbound message content.
  • Ensures confidentiality and authentication for any user, regardless of messaging infrastructure.
  • Offers an array of actions to prevent data loss and breaches of confidentiality.
  • Leverages existing investments in PKI and identity management solutions.
  • Automates and confirms delivery of sensitive information for compliance and auditing.
  • Requires no additional IT staff to support users.

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