Email Policy Management for Robust Security

Without visibility and control over the information leaving your enterprise email network, your organization is vulnerable to legal liability, regulatory violations and penalties, abuse of email resources, competitive threats, and loss of priceless information assets.

MailGate protects against these dangerous and costly risks by allowing you to centrally define and manage a set of policies and content filters, and automatically apply them to all outbound email.

By creating role-based rules for senders, recipients, content, attachments, message headers, and file size, you can:

  • Universally enforce communications policies that filter all outbound messages, prevent sensitive or confidential information from exiting your email network, and ensure email compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.
  • Reduce legal liability by identifying messages that include potentially risky language, such as “guaranteed return” in financial services, or diagnostic codes in healthcare. 
  • Protect intellectual property by scanning and filtering message content to prevent sensitive information from leaving your corporate network.
  • Cut operational costs by reducing the need for manual review and archiving.

When a policy violation is detected, MailGate can take a broad set of actions before the message exits via the Internet gateway:

  • Quarantine, return, drop, annotate, add disclaimers, modify headers, or tag messages for future analysis
  • Encrypt the message before sending it
  • Block the message and notify the sender
  • Notify the sender and compliance officer for corrective action
  • Store attachments and send a notification to the recipient to download them from a secure server
  • Archive the message on an external encrypted storage system


MailGate provides automatic gateway-to-gateway strong email encryption for any remote domain, through policy-based Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption or S/MIME. MailGate can enforce TLS or S/MIME connections with remote domains, hostnames, partner sites, or IP addresses, and provides clear reporting on TLS attempts and failures. Automatic alerts tell an administrator if remote sites are not supporting TLS connections and quickly identify any problems, such as expired certificates.

For a complete encryption platform, integrate MailGate with Axway Secure Messenger, an email encryption solution that protects, analyzes, manages, and reports on email traffic flowing in and out of the organization.

Axway Secure Messenger works with MailGate to automatically identify violations of your defined policies based on the content of the email, and redirect suspect messages to a secure, encrypted channel for further action. This perimeter-based design ensures that all users comply with enterprise privacy and security policies all the time.

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