Axway Community Management (ACM)

A new way to manage your global business interactions  

For years, social networks have been spurring growth, fostering member-to-member interaction and simplifying community management by continuously evolving how they attract members, provision technical connections, and enforce agreed-upon rules of engagement. Built on Force.com and delivered securely in the cloud, Axway Community Management (ACM) is a subscription-based service that introduces this level of innovation to business interaction networks.

ACM extends traditional on-premise infrastructures and hub-and-spoke models with support for a new, cloud-based paradigm for community management and collaboration. By providing everything you need to design, automate, and monitor community management workflows in a hybrid cloud/on-premise environment, ACM closes the gap between business relationship management and technical connectivity, so partners can quickly join and begin interacting with your trading community in a whole new way.

Partner On-Boarding

ACM makes it easy to customize and manage workflow for on-boarding and managing partner trading profile information through automated communications, approvals and provisioning. Once you have designed and configured your workflows, the rest is automatic. Simply press a button to start the workflow and begin sending out messages, collecting information and bringing your partners on board.

A single email outreach can automate the on-boarding process for hundreds, or even thousands, of partners. For day-to-day activities, you can design your own standard enrollment process or processes; and as new partners ask to join, simply initiate the enrollment workflow that is appropriate for them. ACM takes care of the rest.

You receive real-time information at every stage in the workflow process, including how many partners have responded, how many need help and how many have successfully completed the process.

Centralized Profile Management

ACM’s trading partner profile master data management system helps you keep partner profile data up-to-date by running automated data-refresh outreaches allowing partners to update their contact and communication information including technical preferences, capabilities and more.

You can also federate partner profile data out to other relevant systems, ensuring that back-office systems contain relevant, up-to-date information about your community members.


ACM integrates with multiple Axway gateways, as well as with third-party solutions such as SAP. You can also configure files for export into any third-party system in order to create or update partner profile information in those systems. Integration options are flexible and open – you can configure ACM to gather and use information however you choose, across your entire organization.

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