True Business Performance Management

In today’s world, supply chains are made up of complex ecosystems that include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, third-party logistics providers, retail chains and financial institutions. In such a complex business environment, information gaps can result in unpredictable demand, lost sales opportunities, product launch issues and higher rebate costs. Even with service level agreements (SLAs), organizations often don’t have the business intelligence tools or resources to effectively manage and analyze the mountain of data available to them. As a result, businesses lack a clear view into critical issues that affect supply chain performance and profitability.

There are a range of factors involved in effectively managing your commercial operations:

  • Accurate and timely availability of revenue information
  • Forecasting capabilities that easily incorporate sales and distribution data
  • Effective new product launches
  • Cost control through FFS program management
  • Effective management of chargebacks and returns by proactively identifying issues
  • Sales force planning to ensure maximum effectiveness especially around product launches

Axway business intelligence analytics solutions (such as Axway InSight) enable you to harness and leverage a wealth of business data so that you can Aggregate information, monitor performance against set agreements, and guide community actions through policy enforcement.

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