Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) for Corporations

Enterprises of different sizes require different methods for managing treasury management systems (TMS) and corporation-to-bank relationships. For example, small enterprises often require only a secure file transfer gateway, while large enterprises typically need sophisticated authorization and rules management capabilities.

Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) for Corporations is a multi-channel, multi-enterprise, and multi-service platform that provides enterprises of all sizes with real-time integration, security, and visibility into payment processes as they occur. Using FEX, you can:

  • Use secured dedicated networks (including SWIFT) and low cost secured communication standards over the Internet (including EBICS).
  • Exchange financial information with banks using the networks, protocols, and formats they require.
  • Comply with stringent regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Isolate the management of your financial flows from your business applications.
  • Drive your financial flows with strong business visibility and data quality assurance.
  • Bolster your financial performance by securing the underlying financial processes and flows.
  • Reduce costs and increase business efficiency.

For small and mid-size enterprises with on-premise treasury management systems (TMS) applications that do not handle financial flows, FEX provides:

  • Secure end-user access points to manage all data exchanges between your TMS application and your bank(s). Access points are easy to set up within your environment and are extensible upon request.
  • Support for a variety of communication protocols, including FTPS, HTTPS, PeSIT, EBICS and AS2 (EDIINT).

For large enterprises that need to integrate multi-bank financial flows with their financial applications and systems, FEX provides:

  • Multi-channel, multi-network, multi-format, multi-protocol capabilities.
  • Application integration capabilities, including pre-packaged mappings between formats (for example, domestic and SEPA formats).

For very large enterprises that consolidate both internal and external financial flows into a central payment factory architecture, FEX provides:

  • Advanced functions including format translation, content-based routing, validation and enrichment, bulking/de-bulking, splitting/enveloping, record fixing and recycling.
  • Business visibility (both end-to-end and top-to-bottom, with detailed audit trails).
  • Flow control process management for SLA fulfillment, data quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.
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