Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) – Streamline and Consolidate Multi-Channel Financial Data

In a global financial industry facing unprecedented upheaval, Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) helps enterprises cope with a changing landscape where increasing governmental oversight and industry regulations — and their associated costs — are looming on the horizon.

Global changes such as the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), the Payment Services Directive (PSD), and the National Automated Clearing House Association’s (NACHA) new rules and new format for international ACH transactions (IAT) will force global financial institutions to comply with regional regulations, resulting in increased costs in the near-term.

But there can also be long-term benefits.

Axway Financial Exchange enables banks, market infrastructures, and corporations to streamline, consolidate, and better manage their secure transmission platforms for multi-channel financial data and transaction processing needs.

Going beyond simple file movement or translation, Axway Financial Exchange offers a broad range of functionality, including community management, multi-enterprise collaboration, robust analytics, and process management. By providing visibility, security and control over transaction flows, Axway Financial Exchange lowers costs and reduces risks, enabling:

  • banks to streamline operations and turn upcoming regulatory obligations into business opportunities – such as providing more services and expanding market reach to attract new corporate customers.
  • market infrastructures to enhance efficiency of the transaction processing networks that connect banks and corporate treasuries.
  • corporations to master the schedule of migration toward these new regulations by continuing to use existing internal infrastructure assets while translating data into compliant formats.
  • all three types of organizations to manage consolidation, reduce maintenance costs, and better absorb mergers and acquisitions.

Axway has deep expertise in the financial services infrastructure and security arena, having authored or co-authored such protocols as PeSIT, AS2, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Axway solutions provide SWIFTNet 7-qualified support and EBICS connectivity, and are compliant with IS0 20022, SEPA, NACHA IAT, FIX, BAI, and more.

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