Axway eInvoice – secure, electronic invoice exchange

Paper invoices and manual processes carry with them a host of unnecessary costs and security issues, along with inefficiencies that can impact partner and customer relationships, and your bottom line.

Axway eInvoice enables 100% electronic, secure exchange of invoices and related documents with your customers and partners, using all standard communication protocols, including optional encryption. Axway eInvoice protects and ensures the integrity of your data, and guarantees authentication and confidentiality, helping you to comply with relevant country-specific regulations and various EU directives.

Axway eInvoice provides:

Electronic invoice transmission

  • Exchange invoices electronically with your partners, improving speed and accuracy of transmissions
  • Eliminate inefficient manual processing, freeing up resources for other projects
  • Automate invoice processing for reduced costs and time expenditures, and avoid missed or late payments due to processing time

Security and compliance

  • Protects data transmission, data integrity and authenticity, and signs and/or validates all invoices at the envelope level
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with country-specific government regulations on data formats, data content, archiving and more
  • Provide auditors with all necessary data to demonstrate compliance

Archiving and retrieval

  • End the paper search with automatic electronic archiving of your invoices and related documents
  • Retrieve invoices quickly and easily based on a range of attributes using a Web-based interface
  • Accurate and appropriate archiving and retrieval capabilities ensure compliance with country-specific tax regulations
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