Axway B2Bi -- An Advanced B2B Gateway Solution

Establishing efficient multi-enterprise business processes can be difficult or nearly impossible when your business, your partners, your suppliers, your customers, your financial institutions, and your industry’s regulatory bodies are all using different applications and ERP systems. Add in business growth and constant change, stringent SLA demands, customer mandates for new EDI/B2B exchanges, formats and protocols, and even government regulations requiring specific security and audit capabilities, and the task of B2B integration can seem monumental.

Axway B2Bi eases integration challenges

Today’s organizations face a growing need to control and optimize the flow of data throughout the enterprise and deliver complete lifecycle control. Axway 5 Suite delivers a comprehensive way to manage and govern complex data flows end-to-end, provide visibility and integration between legacy systems and B2B communities, and offer cloud and mobile application enablement. Axway B2Bi, an advanced B2B gateway solution and cornerstone of Axway 5 Suite, ensures information is efficiently integrated between business entities (people, applications, enterprises) wherever they might be located (in the cloud or on-premise) in an intelligent, reliable, transparent and secure manner.

Axway B2Bi integrates your business with your community of suppliers, customers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies at a low total cost of ownership (TCO), regardless of the complexity or volume of B2B transactions.

Paving the way for consolidation of any existing legacy EDI or B2B systems, Axway B2Bi provides a simple and scalable way to integrate any B2B transactions and processes with critical enterprise applications (for instance, Oracle, SAP, and Infor). Axway B2Bi provides:

  • Real-time B2B visibility and analytics
  • Workflow-based partner on-boarding
  • Governance for all B2B process flows, including SOAP and REST services
  • Granular access controls
  • Built-in system administration 

And, Axway B2Bi can be implemented in the deployment mode that best suits your business, including on-premise, cloud-based B2B managed service, or a hybrid model.

With Axway B2Bi, you can:

  • Consolidate existing legacy EDI and B2B systems with a next-generation B2B integration solution
  • Empower your partners and reduce your TCO through support for self-service on-boarding
  • Manage your B2B business processes end-to-end, such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, replenishment, planning and forecasting, and transportation & logistics
  • Choose the best fit-to-cost architecture for your specific requirement, since Axway B2Bi solutions scale easily through every phase of business growth
  • Create a robust and secure health information exchange (HIE) or manage a provider-payers or government-to-government exchange

Key features and functionality

Axway B2Bi integrates enterprise-class functionality to provide secure B2B communications and seamless enterprise application integration with back-end systems. Whether you deploy a comprehensive B2Bi architecture or implement a la carte functions, you’ll see lower costs and tighter control over your enterprise processes.

Comprehensive and secure B2B connectivity – A single solution for establishing connections with everyone you do business with improves the security and integrity of data transfers, while reducing software, training and maintenance costs. The B2Bi built-in gateway allows you to automate and manage B2B communications and manage file transfers with true reliability and full security.

  • Axway B2Bi supports a wide variety of B2B messaging protocols and built-in B2B MFT, including EDIINT (AS1, AS2, AS3 and AS4), OFTP (V1 and V2), ebXML ebMS (V2), RosettaNet RNIF (V1 and V2), Web Services, HTTP/S, FTP/S, S/FTP, X.400 (X.420 and X.435), and more. EDIINT and ebXML are annually certified by the Drummond Group.
  • Support for PeSIT enables you to leverage Axway Transfer CFT for robust file-based application integration on twenty different platforms.
  • For maximum protection and enforcement of your organization’s specific security and privacy policies, Axway B2Bi provides a wide range of enterprise security features such as authentication, authorization, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, a controlled list of IPs, DMZ secure relay, and role-based access.

Packaged application integration – With predefined integration processes and rich mediation services supporting any format, any protocol and any application, packaged application integration lowers the TCO no matter what type of back-office you have, and enables you to extend your ERP system (Oracle, SAP, Infor (Lawson) and others) with B2B/EDI communications. Message brokering, A2A managed file transfer (Axway Transfer CFT), and direct application connectivity reduce connectivity costs, leverage existing investments, and include support for HTTP, HTTP/S, JMS, IBM WebSphere MQ, JDBC, SAP, Axway Transfer CFT, file system, FTP, and email. SAP integration is certified per the SAP interoperability certification process.

Out-of-the-box format support and document handling – Axway B2Bi supports EDI as well as other B2Bi standards (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, HL7, NACHA, Fedwire, FIXML, xCBL, Boostaero, UCS/VICS, AAR, Cargo-IMP, VDA, and more) and integrates out-of-the-box with the Axway WebEDI solution, minimizing installation/set-up time and costs. Key capabilities include messaging metadata management, enveloping and splitting, automatic acknowledgment generation and business logic support.

Eclipse-based visual mapping services – Axway Mapping Services offers:

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop Eclipse-based data mapping design tool for mapping, lookups, validation, and routing rules
  • Rich library of standard B2B formats that allows you to quickly respond to new business requests
  • Fast and easy way to create, maintain, simulate, print, and deploy new maps and integration processes
  • Extended teamwork and version-control capabilities

High availability and scalability – Axway B2Bi’s active-active support capabilities provide a robust architecture with scalability and high availability, including the ability to scale across multiple servers, and automatic failover if a server goes down.

Advanced partner management – Axway B2Bi features:

  • Self-service on-boarding of new partners in your trading community through Application Studio, making it as easy as possible to do business with you.
  • An extended set of REST APIs to integrate and exchange information with other systemsFlexible, pre-configured templates so you can define communication and document agreements between internal business units and partner communities, and provide a true "any partner to any partner" exchange deployment
  • Comprehensive endpoint management options to empower your partners and secure exchanges with your community
  • Provisioning services automate the deployment and configuration of these endpoints

Additional functionality

API/SOA governance – As new cloud, mobile, web and B2B channels expose more SOA services handling sensitive data and critical business applications, enterprises need to be vigilant about managing, securing and monitoring their access and use of these services and applications. Axway API Gateway:

  • Protects SOA services at the interface, access and data levels by providing out-of-the-box governance capabilities
  • Offers complete auditing, monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities that help enterprises meet stringent compliance mandates

Community management – Featuring partner on-boarding, self-registration, migrations, workflow-based flow creation, and API-driven provisioning to B2Bi, Axway Community Management enables you to on-board partners quickly across your entire member directory and fully manage your community.

Dashboards, alerts, and end-to-end visibility Axway Sentinel delivers visibility into what is happening between all applications inside your enterprise and your B2B ecosystem, giving technical and business users the reactivity they need for smooth B2B operations. Features include B2B/EDI message management, customizable search and context-sensitive tasks, such as:

  • Intuitive Web Dashboards -- including drill-down capabilities and proactive alerting mechanisms -- to monitor business transactions, business processes and SLAs in real-time
  • Customizable, web-based, end-to-end monitoring for business and technical users, with graphical representation of life-cycle and end-to-end flow for every transfer
  • Real-time alerts and rules-based routing enabling users to quickly troubleshoot problems, meet SLA requirements and monitor transactions end-to-end

Comprehensive Endpoint Management – Axway offers comprehensive endpoint management options to empower your partners and secure exchanges with your community. Axway Activator provides support for a wide range of protocols, including the EDIINT standards. WebEDI enables you to connect with technically challenged suppliers using Axway’s supplier web application, which provides standard EDI business processes to external suppliers who do not have their own EDI infrastructures.

Enterprise file services Axway Transfer CFT extends Axway B2Bi to provide robust file-transfer services for application integration. Logical naming of services provides an abstraction of platform idiosyncrasies, transfer configuration, and intelligent routing, enabling your IT operations to manage file-transfer complexity. Rich scheduling, automation, retry, checkpoints, and acknowledgement services (at both the technical and application levels) provide high reliability across more than twenty different platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, mainframes, and AS400.


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