Robust EDI and B2B Solutions

B2B requirements are like fingerprints – every organization has its own unique mix of challenges and requirements. At the same time, most enterprises share a common goal of automating and integrating supply or value chain activities — such as order processing, delivery, invoicing, and payments — that involve multiple business partners and customers.

Whether you want to expand your current B2B systems to support corporate growth objectives, you have disparate B2B infrastructures that need to be consolidated, or you need to address business or customer directives such as new interfaces or expanding B2B volumes, Axway has a B2B solution to help you orchestrate all the moving parts that make for successful and efficient business relationships.

Axway B2B solutions span:

  • B2Bi – solutions that enable you to create secure, auditable and highly scalable cross-enterprise business processes – no matter your size or industry.
  • Life Sciences – solutions that enable healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to ensure safe, secure, and efficient supply chains while addressing a range of evolving governmental legislation and trading-partner mandates.
  • Financial Exchange– solutions that give banks, market infrastructures, and corporations the tools they need to streamline, consolidate, and better manage their secure transmission platforms for multi-channel financial data and transaction processing needs.
  • eInvoicing –  solutions that enable 100% electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes for significant reduction in processing costs.
  • Automotive Integration – solutions that optimize automotive industry supply chains with inventory management tools that speed time to market.
  • DMZ Security – solutions to prevent storage of sensitive information in the DMZ, adding another layer of security to data as it flows into your enterprise from the Internet and out of your enterprise through your firewall
  • API / SOA Governance – solutions for SOA services to handle sensitive data and critical business applications that are exposed via new cloud, mobile, web and B2B channels to ensure vigilance about managing, securing and monitoring their access and use.
  • B2B Visibility & Governance – solutions providing the ability to achieve end-to-end visibility and ensure key performance indicator (KPI) and service-level agreement (SLA) management, enabling you to govern the flow of B2B data
  • Community Management – solutions to manage workflow for on-boarding and managing partner trading profile information through automated communications, approvals and provisioning
  • Endpoint Management adeptly manage large communities and make it easy for everyone in your business ecosystem to work with you.
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