Axway Cloud Integration Solutions

Protect and grow your business in the cloud

Business users are increasingly turning to cloud-based services — with or without IT support or permission — to improve collaboration, support new business initiatives and lower costs. The challenge is that without sufficient controls in place, enterprise security, privacy, compliance and reliability can be compromised.

Using Axway technology, IT organizations have achieved the best of both worlds – delivering cloud initiatives that support the agility and self-service capabilities the business needs, while securing and integrating all types of cloud applications and services (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS) with on-premise, mobile and B2B applications and services.

Axway API Gateway

Axway API Gateway is a leading gateway with API Management capabilities that enable enterprises to build, manage and secure integration between on-premise and cloud-based applications and services. Security, administration, monitoring and auditing capabilities provide visibility across cloud, mobile and partner channels and ensure high availability, compliance and a positive experience for your app users. In addition, the extensible Axway API environment gives you the flexibility to customize policies. It enables your enterprise identity management platform (such as CA SiteMinder, IBM or Oracle IdM) to be extended to secure cloud services and mobile access in BYOD environments.

Axway API Gateway capabilities include:

Cloud Data Security — Organizations must ensure that data flowing to and from the cloud is managed using selective encryption, data masking and an independent audit trail. Axway API Gateway can monitor, secure and control any traffic, so you know what data is leaving the enterprise and where it is going, can secure data flowing to the cloud, and can control inbound access from cloud-based services.

Cloud API and Service Brokering — Axway API Gateway can help your organization immediately reduce and mitigate the risks associated with cloud-based services by centrally protecting and managing API keys and certificates; enforcing data security, residency and privacy policies; and auditing and monitoring cloud service usage.

Cloud Single Sign-on (SSO) — Organizations typically don’t wish to manage a whole new set of passwords for Cloud services. By acting as a federation gateway, Axway API Gateway enables SAML-and OAuth-based SSO to any combination of cloud-based services, traditional B2B services and on-premise applications. An inbuilt Security Token Service (STS) is provided for token translation. It can be used to mediate identities and security tokens, and can be integrated with your existing Identity Access Management (IAM) platform or IAM-as-a-Service solution.  

APIs for Identity-as-as-Service — By transforming legacy IAM interfaces into REST APIs on-the-wire, Axway API Gateway makes it possible to extend your existing IAM platform beyond the network perimeter to protect mobile and cloud-based applications and services. This benefits organizations as they seek to implement their BYOD security strategies.

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