Axway 5 Suite Overview

Govern the flow of data inside the enterprise and beyond the enterprise edge

Over the next few years, the majority of all new integration will either cross or be completely outside the traditional enterprise edge - the firewall - as companies integrate more with partners, people, cloud services and mobile devices.

This shift - already in full swing - poses a new integration challenge because each new project requires old and new technologies to work together. But traditional middleware technologies like ESBs and BPM suites, while they work well within the firewall, are not good at integrating across or beyond the enterprise edge. They weren't designed to handle the newer standards or tougher security requirements. And the more technologies you add, the harder it is to secure, monitor and control (or "govern") the end-to-end flow of data that supports your business processes.

Axway 5 Suite solves the new integration challenge with a unique approach to governing the flow of data by employing the concept of a Data Flow Broker, a modern architectural approach that centers on the convergence of Axway's market-leading integration, managed file transfer, B2B and API management technologies to govern data flows across the enterprise and beyond the enterprise edge.

Reduce risk, improve customer and partner satisfaction, and create new revenue streams

Axway 5 Suite helps companies and government organizations break down barriers between departments, application silos and user ecosystems, and gives them the ability to cost effectively govern the flow of data:

By helping you methodically move toward a cost-effective web-oriented architecture for governing end-to-end flows of data, Axway 5 Suite can help you accelerate new business initiatives and improve reliability, security and compliance - all at a lower overall cost of ownership than the traditional integration approaches of the past.

Across new and existing applications, systems and technologies, Axway 5 enables:

  • Integration - Exchange data between business entities, wherever they are located, in an intelligent, reliable and secure manner.
  • API management - Blend the old and new by preserving the good aspects of your SOA investments - service reuse and agility - and deploying your services using modern REST APIs and an innovative API Catalog.
  • Community management - Reduce risk and improve customer and partner satisfaction by automating and streamlining how you on-board, manage and interact with members of your trading community.
  • Visibility - Use technical and business data flow analytics, dashboards and alerts to proactively identify and solve problems before they disrupt business processes.
  • Policy - Define and enforce policies that govern access, routing and remediation to guarantee that interactions happen as expected, even when people, devices, and infrastructure are outside your data center's control.
  • Identity management - Bridge identity management solutions across firewalls and between standards such as SAML and OAuth, to enable end-to-end flows of data on-premise, in the cloud and on mobile devices.
  • Security and compliance - Implement policy-based security to protect against data breaches and loss, capture complete audit trails, and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations as well as your organization's internal security and privacy policies.
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