Axway API Portal

API Portals are an essential part of API management, enabling API providers to publish a catalog of their APIs, and developers to easily sign up to use the APIs in their applications. Axway provides an API Portal that can be customized to the needs of organizations that are deploying an API management program.

Axway API Portal simplifies and centralizes the publication of APIs and enables discovery and self-service for internal, partner and community developers. Its features enable enterprise-class API management.

A key innovation of Axway API Portal is the ability to manage multiple developer "organizations"; that is, groups of developers who may be internal, external (such as a partner), or the general public. Different levels of API access can be applied to different developer "organizations" - a level of access control that is a central enabler of enterprise API management.

Benefits of Axway API Portal for the API provider include:

  • Manage different groups of developers and grant varying levels of access - for example, an internal developer group may have access to all APIs, whereas developers from a systems integrator partner may have access only to certain APIs
  • Easily on-board large groups of developers
  • Centrally view API usage across developer groups
  • Set security profiles for APIs (OAuth, API Key, and more)
  • Fine-grained quota management for APIs

Benefits of Axway API Portal for the API developer include:

  • Use of assigned registration keys to log in and view details of all APIs they are entitled to use
  • Browse API catalogs and discover APIs
  • Learn how to use APIs with interactive Swagger documentation
  • Access security policy information for APIs, and generate API Keys and OAuth keys
  • View details of quotas for each API they are entitled to access
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