Axway Announces API Server 7.2 for Integrated API Management and SOA Governance

Latest release delivers API Management foundation for Axway 5 Suite to help govern the flow of data across on premise, B2B, cloud and mobile deployments

PHOENIX  – September 4, 2013 – As enterprise APIs are widely adopted to wire applications together and enable businesses to exploit new revenue channels, the need to manage these APIs has become critical. Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, today announced the launch of Axway API Server 7.2,  combining a highly customizable API Developer Portal with a high-performance API Gateway. With this latest release, Axway API Server now provides the API foundation for the Axway 5 Suite, enabling companies to develop, deliver and manage data flows that span B2B, File Transfer, Email Security, and File Sharing using APIs. Axway was recently named a Leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Services Governance which combines API Management with SOA Governance.

Darryl Pollock, Solution Architect, TransGrid in New South Wales, a company that owns and manages one of the largest high voltage electricity transmission networks in Australia – including more than 12,800 kilometres of transmission line and 91 substations and switchyards - said “The Axway API Server is a key component of our next-generation Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure, as it enables us to rapidly on-board new and existing customers and suppliers via a secure and highly-scalable API management layer. Through its security and protocol mediation capabilities, the Axway API Server has reduced our integration time-frames from weeks to days.”

“In today’s business environment, APIs are critical to expose business services and connect with partners, customers, and cloud services,” said Dean Hidalgo, EVP, Global Marketing, Axway. “Axway API Server 7.2, part of the Axway 5 Suite, is the foundation that enables companies to leverage APIs to help govern their data flows that span existing systems and application infrastructure, and extend beyond the enterprise edge to include B2B, mobile and cloud integration.”

Axway API Server enables organizations to develop, deploy, manage and secure APIs. With Axway API Server, organizations can transform existing application infrastructure into APIs for delivery using the API Server’s world-class API Gateway and Developer Portal. Enterprise-grade policies can be linked into identity management infrastructure including Microsoft Active Directory.


To be effective, API Management must span from the cloud to on-premise systems. Axway API Server 7.2 combines a highly customizable API Developer Portal with a high-performance API Gateway. In the cloud, the API Developer Portal enables developers to subscribe to APIs listed in a convenient API Catalog. The API Gateway then provides the bridge to on-premise SOA services. An elastic Amazon AMI deployment is available alongside a hardware appliance, virtual appliance and installable software options, providing the widest range of deployment options of any API Management vendor.

Key new capabilities of API Server 7.2 include:

  • · Innovative API Catalog including samples, parameter information, and automated documentation, is now available to developers to facilitate API usage. 
  • · Enterprise-class configuration management and governance with simplified multi-stage deployment from development to production that works with existing promotion processes and tools to help automate deployment.
  • · Axway suite-wide identity and security– Authentication and authorization is now integrated with Axway Passport Access Management (PassportAM) across B2B, MFT, SOA, and APIs, with OAuth 2.0 support.
  • · Native Amazon AMI with Elastic Load-Balancing– Axway API Server 7.2 is available as an Amazon AMI, now with elastic load-balancing, enabling customers to leverage auto-scaling of deployments.
  • · Axway 5 APIs that are continuing to be exposed across the Axway 5 Suite, and can now be used by API Server to develop, deliver, manage and automate across the Axway 5 Suite.
  • · Solution Pack framework that enables Axway, partners and customers to deliver reusable services for the Axway 5 Product Suite.

The Axway API Server 7.2 is available for on premise deployment or as a cloud service and as part of the Axway 5 Suite and is available on premise or as a cloud service.


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