Axway Announces a “Safe for Work” Secure Alternative to Cloud-Based File Sharing and Collaboration Services

Axway MailGate SC with DropZone™ Supports Safe Sharing of Critical Business Information on Desktop and Mobile Devices

PHOENIX– September 6, 2012 – In response to the growing challenges associated with securing file sharing and mobile data access (BYOD), Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA) announces MailGate  SC with DropZone™, the industry’s first secure collaboration gateway and platform. MailGate SC with DropZone provides enterprises with a secure method to share files, email messages, and interact with internal and external collaborators from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Business professionals are increasingly using personal devices, insecure cloud-based collaboration systems, web-based email and other applications to share corporate information to get their jobs done efficiently.  However, this growing trend poses a significant threat of accidental data leakage and exposure causing a huge risk to the enterprise.  According to Daryl C. Plummer and David Mitchell Smith, co-authors of the recent Gartner, Inc. report, Cloud Computing Positions Itself for Growth, “Organizations should ensure that email is treated as a core part of a larger strategy for collaboration tools, rather than as a stand-alone communication service.” Axway MailGate SC with DropZone builds on Axway’s fifteen years of innovation and award winning email security and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions by expanding the offering to enable secure enterprise collaboration, allowing employees to share files and messages easily, without placing their organization’s private information into public cloud infrastructures.
“The enterprise is being outpaced by BYOD and IT Consumerization brought about by the sudden rise of consumer-grade cloud collaboration tools.  There is a mounting tension between users who “self-provision” insecure, cloud based services to share files and their respective IT Security organizations who are trying to protect the organization from compliance and other data security related risks,” said Mike Dayton, senior vice president, security solutions, Axway. “Most employees don’t even realize they are putting the enterprise at risk by using “Not-Safe- for- Work” collaboration tools.  We are pleased to provide the enterprise with a unified, secure alternative to the plethora of uncontrolled, cloud based file sharing services and email tools that are cropping up in the workplace.  Axway MailGate SC with DropZone enables users to easily collaborate without the risks inherent in these services. As the secure collaboration market segment continues to grow, Axway’s secure collaboration platform will enable overall efficiency, flexibility and improved business productivity for security-conscious enterprises.”
Key product features include:
  • Secure Collaboration – Adds the ability to share files and folders to the existing email collaboration capabilities of MailGate. The new DropZone module allows users to easily share files inside and outside the organization, with desktop and mobile devices, all under the control of centralized administration and policies.
  • Unified administration – A single administrative interface gives complete control over email and file sharing collaboration.
  • Centralized policy management – A sophisticated internal policy engine and integration with external DLP systems via ICAP, gives administrators the ability to apply detailed policies to what is allowed to be shared over both email and file sharing collaboration.
  • Corporate directory integration – Integration with Active Directory or other corporate directory services makes it easy to provision users and allows administrators to control policy and authorization for email and folder sharing.
  • Encryption and Security – Built on the award winning MailGate platform, Axway MailGate SC with DropZone provides a solid security framework, including multiple encrypted email delivery options, and at-rest encryption for all sensitive information whether shared via email or folder sharing.
  • Complete email hygiene – MailGate SC with DropZone includes the complete inbound and outbound spam, virus and email policy management capabilities of a conventional email security gateway.
  • Simple deployment – Available as an appliance, a virtual appliance, cloud-ready or hosted solution, the complete MailGate SC with DropZone functionality can be deployed in under an hour, and scales easily from an all-in-one single box solution, to a highly available multi-box infrastructure.
“Axway MailGate SC with DropZone provides a holistic approach to securing corporate data in motion and at rest. It offers one solution to meet multiple customer needs – secure email, encryption, file sharing and mobile access, all within a single vendor, single box solution,” said Dave Brunswick, head of technology strategy, security solutions group, Axway.   
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