Axway Proudly Supports New HDMA Voluntary Guideline to Improve Communication Within the Healthcare Industry

Product Activity Reporting Guideline Promotes Industry Advancement

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Axway is pleased to support the Healthcare Distribution Management Association's (HDMA) 852 Product Activity Data Guidelines for Electronic Data Interchange. Axway is an active participant on the HDMA e-Commerce Task Force (eCTF), which developed these new, voluntary product activity guidelines, and provided sponsorship, input and research to support their creation. As the HDMA stated in its news release dated May 7, "These guidelines are designed to help distributors more efficiently provide inventory, sales and other product information to manufacturers as part of service agreements or inventory management agreements."

The charter of the HDMA e-Commerce Task Force is to provide business and technology expertise to HDMA and its members through the development of voluntary industry implementation guidelines for use of electronic data interchange and other e-Commerce business solutions.

"We have a rich history of driving collaboration with other industry leaders to create standards and guidelines," said Daryl Eicher, vice president of industry solutions at Axway. "Such standards-based collaboration delivers value and enables innovation across the entire healthcare industry."

To that end, Axway also formed the Distribution Program Leadership Council (DPLC) in September 2005 to clarify the informational needs for distributor service agreements. The DPLC works with the HDMA eCTF and others to develop voluntary, standards-based data-exchange guidelines.

Axway's participation in these groups is one additional step it has taken to advance supply chain integrity across industries. Axway has co-authored AS1, AS2 and AS3 standards, as well as consulted on state and federal regulations for controlled substance ordering system (CSOS) and electronic pedigrees. Additionally, Axway co-authored EPCglobal's ePedigree schema.

"Axway is proud to work with HDMA to help facilitate these and other important industry efforts. We anticipate that the best practices we're developing as an industry will be adapted on a global scale," continued Eicher.

"This is a huge leap for the industry. We've come a long way as an industry in terms of working together on simplifying data exchange processes," said Rod Wrobbel, strategic purchasing manager for pharmaceutical supply chain, Cardinal Health. "We strive to provide a safe, efficient and reliable healthcare distribution system and this is an integral step."

For more detail on the HDMA's 852 Product Activity Data Guidelines for Electronic Data Interchange, please visit: www.HealthcareDistribution.org.


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