The global pharmaceutical supply chain is one of the most diverse and complex in the world, moving billions of products through this channel each year. Increased complexity has increased the number of intermediaries needed to manage the vast network of distribution points in the marketplace. The net result is decreased transparency of product movement in the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain.

For several years, the healthcare industry has been under pressure to enhance product security while reducing costs and improving service levels. Although improvements have been made, even greater levels of data sharing between trading partners is needed to further secure the supply chain.

The Center for Healthcare Supply Chain Research – the research foundation of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) – created an IT Blueprint that recommended a phased approached to data sharing, with each phase built on a strong foundation of standards, synchronized master data and trading partner agreements that promote shared benefits:

  • Level 1: Achieve pedigree compliance through a direct-connect model
  • Level 2: Extend the direct-connect model for on-demand event visibility
  • Level 3: Add proactive supply chain intelligence and adopt network registries

In this jointly released new white paper, Axway provides a detailed look at The Center’s Blueprint recommendation, and offers insights into a practical approach for implementation within your organization.

This white paper will discuss:

  • Removing the barriers to collaboration
  • Developing a phased approach and reference architecture to data management and data sharing among trading partners
  • Creating an equal opportunity for all trading partners to enable the Blueprint

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