Axway 5 Suite

Reshaping business interactions in a data-dominated world

Today’s businesses and government organizations urgently need to break down barriers between departments, application silos and user ecosystems. Propel your enterprise forward by effectively governing the flow of data across your enterprise and beyond the firewall, including:

  • Across partner communities
  • Within the enterprise
  • In the cloud, for mobile devices, and across the Internet of Things
  • From person-to-system and person-to-person

If your business had the power to govern the flow of data, what could you do with it?

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Axway 5 Suite

If your business had the power to govern the flow of data, what could you do with it? Watch “a day in the life” of how Axway 5 Suite is empowering mobile healthcare consumers, creating the best in-store experience for retail customers, revolutionizing supply chains and driving innovation in commercial banking.

In a world of big data, the cloud, mobile devices and the Internet of Things, even the most sophisticated IT architectures are struggling to keep up. Learn how A5’s modern web-oriented architecture delivers centralized control and visibility across all data flows, optimally integrating MFT, B2B, and API management into a single platform.

Find out how this cornerstone of France’s social safety net expanded co-production of services, secures real-time communications, and streamlines delivery of benefits while strengthening the fight against benefits fraud.

Find out how one of the largest regional banks in the U.S. leverages Axway 5 Suite to expand services to existing customers and target new customers (such as state and municipal government) seeking leading-edge banking providers.

Learn what integration and governance mean in a world where enterprises are now multi-domain entities, and the difference between integrating with business partners, service providers, or lines of business is virtually nil.

Learn how Axway 5 Suite can help you govern the flow of financial data to drive innovation, increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance

Learn how Axway 5 Suite can help you govern the flow of utilities data to simplify compliance, improve efficiency and deliver innovative services to partners and customers.

Learn how Axway 5 Suite enables automotive manufacturers to integrate and govern the flows of data that drive their global supply chains. 

Learn how Axway helps Telco providers adapt and thrive in the face of ever-changing business challenges, consumer demands, technology and interoperability standards, and industry and regulatory requirements.

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