Axway Technology Industry Solutions

For technology companies that depend on IT systems to deliver and support their end products, consolidating and modernizing legacy systems couldn’t be more mission critical.

Axway provides comprehensive IT solutions that enable technology companies to transform information and business process silos into enhanced technical operations and customer support platforms. Providing security and governance over multi-enterprise Business Interaction Networks – including Managed File Transfer (MFT), online B2B communities, and email, Axway solutions can help you protect intellectual property, speed product distribution and customer service, and ensure regulatory compliance — all while reducing the cost of doing business.

Create a technical operations portal for efficient and secure customer support

Axway solutions close the gap between business relationship management and technical connectivity, allowing you to rapidly create a technical operations portal with fast, easy, and secure on-boarding of customers and partners. Robust community management features allow you to easily automate enrollment processes like subscription, registration, provisioning, testing, and operations. You can also segment your partners and customers into distinct communities.

With efficient multi-service capabilities, you can move from point-to-point connections and integrations to a unified, consolidated, and scalable solution with end-to-end and top-to-bottom visibility and control over data flows.

Automate end-to-end data integration

Axway offers robust solutions for end-to-end integration of data exchanges, both within your organization and with your business interaction community. Axway's integration products process data from any source and in any format – including all variants of XML and EDI – and send the data on to recipient applications with the data structure and transport mode they require, and the precision timing they expect.

Protect intellectual property and ensure regulatory compliance

Once you have established your portal, you can quickly and securely exchange large files and secure communications with community members, including those with specific encryption mandates, such as the U.S. Federal government.

  • Axway MFT solutions are designed to handle both interactive, user-driven communications and automated file transfer over the Internet and private IP networks, allowing you to easily consolidate disparate systems, replace costly VANs and VPN connections, automate and streamline applications, and simplify compliance with policies and regulations. Dashboards allow you to measure and monitor data transfers to ensure adherence to security policies, and quantify ROI of security infrastructure investments.
  • Axway secure email solutions minimize expensive paper trails and manual touch points with policy-based management that effectively secures and controls information flow throughout your online community. You can set policies that analyze the content of email messages (and their attachments) to protect against data loss, security breaches, and regulatory violations by automatically identifying a wide range of sensitive information, including financial data, customer and personnel data, and intellectual property and trade secrets.
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