Building a Sustainable and Secure Health Information Exchange (HIE)

HIEs face great challenges in the coming months. They need to build communities, connect as many constituents as possible, and keep information flowing securely throughout their regions – all while meeting requirements of the ONC, the HITECH Act and more. Given all of the complexities – including the pressure to qualify for federal grants and financial incentives – getting underway can be a daunting task.

Axway makes it easy.

With an Axway B2B solution for HIEs, even the most stringent regulations can be met, and the toughest connection issues and security hurdles overcome. With Axway B2B solutions you can:

  • Get started right away – using Axway’s true plug-and-play technology, your current infrastructure is the ideal starting point.
  • Establish reliable connections to thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of constituents at all levels of technical capability quickly and easily, with plenty of room to scale.
  • Ensure sustainability and meet budgetary requirements – Axway B2B solutions do not require costly point-to-point custom software development. You can buy connections in bulk, or as needed over the life of the HIE.
  • Implement a multi-pronged approach to data-exchange security, including identification management, data encryption, non-repudiation, message tracking and more.
  • Prepare for current and upcoming government regulations and audits, including NWHIN Direct, HITSP, HIPAA, and 21 CFR Part II.

Connect Constituents and Move Information Intelligently for Improved Patient Care

To achieve meaningful use, you must be able to connect to everyone – from the smallest doctor’s office or rural clinic to the largest health system, and everything in between. Then, to ensure data reaches the correct destination, your HIE should be able to intelligently route files based on where the data is coming from, what kind of data it is, and the name of the file. You should also be able to define policies that govern interactions within your healthcare ecosystem, and be able to control who can interact with whom.

Axway’s business-to-business integration (B2Bi) capabilities, along with Axway Endpoints, ensure that you can reach everyone in your community regardless of their level of technology, and get them up and running quickly with minimal footprint and without having to write any code. Axway solutions provide the governance capabilities and intelligent routing to ensure information gets to the right recipients. And, the Axway hub can handle even the largest loads – moving millions of transactions, fast – so important patient data gets where it is needed, when it is needed. With Axway, all members of patient care teams can see patient information and collaborate to provide the best possible care.

Secure Data Every Step of the Way

Your HIE must have the ability to protect personal health records (PHRs). To achieve HIPAA/HITECH compliance, protected health information (PHI) needs to be secured in motion and at rest – a requirement that unsecured FTP and homegrown file transfer solutions just can’t deliver.

To be sure of hitting compliance benchmarks, you must be able to:

  • Secure PHI in motion, whether it is exchanged via email or as an email attachment; as ad hoc or manual file transfer between applications, systems or individuals; or via internal or external EDI.
  • Secure PHI at rest in the DMZ, or on a server, using encryption technology certified to meet NIST 800-52 or FIPS 140-2 requirements across multiple transport protocols, including secure email.

Axway B2B solutions provide multiple layers of security including encryption, data integrity checking and guaranteed delivery of data and messages, to protect the patients, their data, your constituents and your organization.

Ensure Compliance

Heavy regulation and oversight will likely be imposed on HIEs in the near future, in addition to current regulations such as HIPAA. Will you be prepared? With Axway’s visibility, tracking and reporting capabilities your HIE will be able to provide information to your community and to auditors. You’ll be able to show whether a document was sent or not, and whether it was delivered correctly, to assure compliance and protect members of your community.

Axway – The Right Solution

For more than 10 years, Axway has been providing scalable, secure data exchange and integration solutions to some of the largest healthcare organizations, businesses, and financial institutions in the world, as well as to federal government agencies such as the DEA, FDA and the DoD.

Today, Axway secures the transfer of more patient and medical records for hospitals, doctors, clinics and health plans than any other vendor.

Axway B2B solutions for HIEs feature an open, service-oriented architecture, plus:

  • Axway Community Management (ACM) – cheaper, faster, self-service on-boarding of constituents, plus endpoint provisioning and centralized management
  • A proven B2B engine – with over a decade of performance in some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.
  • An out-of-the-box ESB hub – for secure, any-to-any, ad hoc, A2A and B2B transactions and file transfers, and a fast start to meeting ONC requirements
  • Visibility and tracking – end-to-end visibility into accounting and disclosures to prepare for any audit and to enable participants to track messages, data, files and reports
  • Secure email – with encryption, guaranteed delivery and more
  • Sustainability – Axway’s “start anywhere, use anything” capabilities build solutions that easily integrate into your existing infrastructure while allowing for future enhancement
  • Any-to-any data transport and transformation – you can process any data type from anywhere in any format, including ASCII, XML, HL7, flat files, EDI x12, 5010, 4010, EDIFACT, ODETTE, EDIINT AS1/AS2/AS3, RosettaNet, ebXML, IHE, NWHIN Direct, admission/discharge/transfer documents, Continuity of Care Documents, Continuity of Care Records and data from in-house applications and ERP systems such as Oracle, Cerner and Lawson

The new HIE landscape is all about connecting members of the healthcare community and successfully moving patient information to improve our healthcare system. With the proper technology, your HIE will not only succeed; it will be part of a new, better way to provide care to patients securely, efficiently and safely.

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