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More than 80% of all business and organizational information is contained in electronic data files. For the average company, exchanging those files between people, systems, and applications is critical to the business. For data-centric services companies, it is the business.

To differentiate their offerings and extend value to each and every customer, services-based organizations need to establish a secure operating model for managing and delivering the remote information underlying products, customer support, resources and assets, and more.

Axway provides comprehensive solutions that enable secure, auditable file exchange for:

  • Business services providers including payroll processing, research, data management, and business intelligence companies like ADP, Gallup, AARP, and Experian.
  • Professional services and human capital management companies including design and law firms, staffing and accounting providers, and engineering and consulting organizations like KPMG, Manpower, and Schlumberger.

Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer, Axway’s easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-use solutions offer:

  • A consolidated file transfer platform for system-to-system, agency-to-agency, and person-to-person exchange of structured and unstructured data. With an Axway solution, you can finally eliminate dangerous rogue ftp servers and unsecured email, inconvenient physical media, expensive VANs/VPNs, and high-maintenance proprietary software— without scripting or changing your existing IT environment.
  • A single point of record for what goes in and out of your enterprise. Business and technical dashboards give you start-to-finish visibility into file movements with complete audit trails to help you meet stringent SLAs and demonstrate compliance with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI.
  • A connectivity platform for next-generation “smart mobility” applications that generate and deliver information based on time, context, location, and/or user.
  • Policy-based governance and risk management, content filtering, and encryption for systematic and ad hoc file transfers. Axway solutions offer a full arsenal of security measures that prevent data loss, ensure human error does not cause a breach of confidential information, protect data in the DMZ, and simplify certificate management/validation/authorization-checking for security-intensive PKI-based transaction networks.
  • Powerful (and easy) community management capabilities that reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction. An Axway solution can help you quickly establish secure last-mile connections and streamline how you provision, manage, and interact with your business community.

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