HIPAA Compliance

As healthcare IT charges toward adoption of EHRs, ACOs, mobile, patient portals, telemedicine, outcome-based research and more, the proper handling of health information has become exponentially more complex. HIPAA compliance requirements have changed (yet again) with the Omnibus rule, which enhances patient privacy rights and protections, and includes more vigorous enforcement of HIPAA security and privacy protections, whether the information is held by a health plan, a healthcare provider or one of their business associates.

Is your organization meeting current requirements including HIPAA 5010 standards, in addition to being prepared to transition to ICD-10? Keeping pace with it all – monitoring and maintaining compliance, and avoiding the ever-increasing fines and penalties for non-compliance – requires time and expense that, if not properly managed, can spiral out of control.

Axway Can Help

Your regular risk assessments (required by HIPAA) should reveal problematic areas – human, system, and environmental – at your organization, to which you can assign risk levels, and identify corrective actions, such as:

  • Consolidate your gateways – secure and standardize data in motion. Reduce risk by moving data through one secure gateway

  • Automate business processes – use wizards to collect business information and technical requirements and ensure alignment with policy and security goals. Create connections automatically from specifications, reduce process cycle time, increase agility

  • Automatically monitor and govern data in motion – Axway’s business and technical dashboards provide just-in-time information to decision makers and troubleshooters. Ensure health record movement aligns with policy, and produce system and connection inventories to support risk assessments, and access reports, transmission reports and inventory

Axway can help you with solutions that go beyond standard HIPAA compliance software, to secure PHI in motion and at rest while creating efficiencies to help you govern the flow of data inside and outside your organization.

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