Webinar: Traceability – Forecasting Inference Storms Ahead!

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Event Dates:
December 11th

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm EDT 

Now is the time to learn what it will take to fulfill California requirements for inference and aggregation, and get prepared to source the right solutions for pedigree and track & trace.

California serialization and pedigree laws will mandate inference and aggregation functionality – but the requirements are not yet clearly defined. Even so, you might even now be considering a pilot, and wondering how to go about acquiring the right technology solutions, from the right vendors.

Register for this webinar, to learn an approach that will help you map your own business processes and evaluate pedigree requirements before you go looking for vendors. You’ll come away from the webinar with a customized draft requirements document that specifies:

  • What use cases are expected to be part of the new regulations
  • What types of exceptions your systems must be prepared to handle
  • What upstream and downstream partners will expect from your organization
  • What not to do in terms of both process and requirements

Presenter: Ruby Raley, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Axway

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