Securely Connecting Health Communities Requires HIE: What to know and how to start

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June 13th
11:00am - 12:00pm

A soldier will receive medical attention from many military hospitals and clinics throughout his or her career. Meanwhile, family members back home may be treated for injuries or illnesses by their local physicians. With treatment received by many different healthcare providers over the course of several years, how will each family member’s health records be accurately maintained and protected? Will they be readily accessible in an emergency? Health Information Exchanges – public and private and Regional Health Information Organizations, among many others, are building communities of care consisting of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, insurance companies, pharmacies, government agencies, and more. A robust solution is critical for these entities to collaborate and share information in a timely, secure fashion to ensure this family receives accurate treatment, anywhere and anytime.

How can we achieve this?

Join Ruby Raley, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Axway, as she discusses questions that every organization must address to safeguard and securely exchange electronic health data with trusted entities, and ensure compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH.

  • Look at HIPAA in a new light:  the impact on information exchange for your agency
  • Discover four questions that can illuminate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Think through how community management and membership will affect compliance

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