Overcoming Interoperability Challenges in HIE Communities

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Event Dates:
April 24th
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Attend this webinar from 1pm - 2pm EDT to learn how the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT) is designing and implementing an HIE platform that will improve delivery of care and patient experience.

Meaningful Use is driving the need for connectivity and file exchange between wide and diverse communities. All HIEs must consider the interoperability challenges facing these communities. HITE-CT has designed their HIE platform to enable provider and payer on-boarding and quickly establish efficient file exchanges.

Join Axway and HITE-CT for "Overcoming Interoperability Challenges in HIE Communities," and you'll learn:

  • How HIEs will help providers achieve Meaningful Use and improve patient outcomes
  • The tools and capabilities required to connect to an HIE
  • How a typical HIE use case works in real life
  • HITE-CT’s plans for increasing adoption, maintaining Meaningful Use, and securing electronic health information

Register now for this complimentary webinar. Attendees will receive the white paper "5 Steps to Creating an HIE.”


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