Executive Webinar: FTP 40 years of moving files - Why it is time to move on.

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April 19th
10:00am - 10:30am
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It's hard to believe - FTP is 40 years old.

We think FTP's birthday is the perfect time to evaluate how your organisation manages business-critical communication - and make some changes for the better!  Due to the stronger governance and security requirements, MFT solutions are replacing many FTP solutions.  Why?  Because MFT monitors and manages all your file transmissions to; improve compliance and visibility, enhance business agility /reliability and reduce your total cost of ownership.

In this executive briefing, you'll learn how;

- Your organisation can optimise the flow of mission-critical file transfers to increase efficiency, visibility and security.

- How you can lower the cost of exchanging sensitive data across your business community.

Register now to attend this 30-minute executive briefing, "FTP - 40 Years of moving files - why it's time to move on."

Just how secure is the sensitive and proprietary information your organisation sends over the Internet? Could you be at risk for data loss, regulatory fines and even damage to your brand? To hear why industry leaders worldwide rely on Axway for more secure and less costly transfer of business-critical data.

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