Cyber Resilience for National Security

Event Type: 
Event Dates:
September 12th - September 14th
Event Location:
Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel
Arlington, VA

Cyber Resilience for National Security: Defining the Future of the Internet for Measured Security in a Rapidly Advancing Environment

One of the largest threats to national security at present is in the cyber realm. As critical infrastructure, military assets, and all facets of everyday life become increasingly interconnected in the digital realm the possibility, sophistication, frequency and relevance of cyber intrusions, attacks, and defensive/offensive strategies are of greater importance. Spending on cyber security programs will be close to $3.4 billion. Thus, unlike other areas facing budget cuts the DoD/Pentagon is maintaining that cyber security is a top priority.

This event, hosted by Marcus Evans, will focus on the latest prioritization efforts within the DoD’s cyber security efforts, while bringing together government and industry leaders to discuss the most challenging threats to national cyber security in both the public and private sector.

John Thielens, Chief Security Officer of Axway, will discuss the topic of leveraging Federal identity frameworks as part of a cyber security architecture.

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