Chicago Lunch and Learn

Event Type: 
Event Dates:
April 5th
11:30am - 1:00pm
Event Location:
Keefer's Restaurant
Chicago, IL

File sharing sites are reporting record numbers of new users and a large majority are from the enterprise!

Enterprise users struggling with email capacity limits have been flocking to file sharing sites in droves and as a result, a wealth of IP has been exposed to the antics of infamous characters such as Mr Dotcom and Megaupload.

Come have lunch with us and walk away with an analytical synopsis of today's trends, patterns, and precautions as they relate to the innocent enterprise user searching for a means to send large files via their email client.


  • Trends & Patterns of Large File Attachments
  • File Sharing Sites: A Day In the Life Of
  • Do You Need To Be Concerned

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