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Since Cisco announced the end-of-life for its ACE XML Gateway (AXG) products, Cisco AXG customers are turning to Axway API Gateway, which offers more features, faster performance and unparalleled flexibility. Axway offers a proven automation utility that greatly simplifies the migration of configurations and policies. In addition, we have worked closely with service partners including SENA Systems to define a turnkey upgrade program featuring rigorous upgrade methodology and value-added professional services that complement the migration utility

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Axway API Gateway Capabilities

Proven, industry-leading performance

In a competitive evaluation performed by an independent third party, Axway API Gateway performed multiple times faster than other software gateway products. For Cisco AXG customers who have struggled with performance problems, Axway is a proven alternative for high-performance and mission-critical infrastructures. Axway VXA Engine is a patented technology that delivers wire-speed performance in any deployment form factor. Your business can achieve this industry-leading performance without relying on expensive proprietary hardware.

Extensive flexibility beyond Cisco AXG

Axway offers the broadest and deepest out-of-the-box integrations for leading identity management, SOA, application infrastructure, and system management products and supports the latest security and integration standards, including SAML, XACML, WS-Policy and OAuth.

Software and hardware options

Axway API Gateway is available:

  • as a hardware appliance that is hardened and FIPS-certified for secured deployment in the DMZ or behind the firewall
  • as software natively deployed on Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • as a virtual appliance on VMware, Oracle and Amazon EC2

Axway API Gateway does not rely on any proprietary hardware, so it delivers the same wire-speed performance in any form factor.

  • Success Story: Energy & Utilities

    First Utility

    Preparing the largest independent energy supplier in the UK to scale its web platform from 1 million accounts to 3 million and beyond and securely connect to a smart metering platform

  • Success Story: Transportation & Logistics

    Bolloré Logistics

    Using Axway MFT to manage over 9.5 million data transfers per year

  • Success Story: Public Sector

    Government Regulator for Financial Services

    Providing a gateway for millions of daily transactions