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API Gateway provides everything you need to develop, integrate and manage APIs that securely connect back-end applications and third-party systems with cloud applications and mobile devices using a graphical “configure-not-code” approach.

You also get true end-to-end and real-time operational monitoring, analytics and reporting that gives all types of users — technical, business, and operational — optimal data-flow visibility into API usage and back-end service performance.

Axway API Gateway Key Capabilities

Manage the end-to-end API lifecycle

APIs have a lifecycle that spans development, testing, deployment, administration and monitoring. Unlike other solutions that cover only parts of the API lifecycle or are building blocks for custom integration, Axway API Management provides a comprehensive platform that gives you control of all aspects of the API — from conception to post-implementation monitoring, reporting and policy enforcement.

Control access, block attacks and govern data flows to meet your SLAs

API security breaches can cause brand damage, revenue loss, and compliance penalties. Axway API Gateway provides comprehensive security and pre-built identity management integrations to thwart attacks on APIs, control access to them, and secure the data they send and receive.

Extensive auditing, monitoring and reporting capabilities give business and technical users the visibility they need to ensure compliance with SLAs and regulatory mandates.

Monitor API usage

Once you deploy your APIs, it’s important to understand how, how often and by whom they are being used. You can use Axway API Gateway to monitor:

• Application of SLAs to APIs
• Round-trip data flows, including details of back-end service performance
• Per-API and per-client usage
• Client attributes (for example, compare iPhone and Android usage of APIs)

Implement web service and protocol abstraction, transformation, and orchestration

API Gateway performs protocol transformation, such as SOAP-to-REST and XML-to-JSON, on the fly. Acting as an API gateway that mediates protocols, it enables applications to call any partner API without explicit support for the protocol used by that API.

Using a simple drag-and-drop user interface, without coding or scripting, you can:

• Link APIs together to create composite services
• Cache traffic from API calls, or from databases or message queues
• Virtualize third-party APIs to control the propagation of changes from source APIs

You can also use Axway API Gateway to deploy web APIs in front of back-end JMS-based message queues, SQL databases, and more.

Build APIs and policies visually

API providers use a familiar Eclipse-based Policy Studio to build APIs and policies visually. Support for Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Jython and Ant provide flexibility and extensibility, and a full SDK is available for in-depth integration. 

Integrate your existing IAM and SOA assets using pre-built, out-of-the-box adapters

API Gateway comes with integrations to all the leading identity management vendors, such as CA, IBM and Oracle, as well as application and SOA infrastructure vendors such as HP Systinet, IBM, JBOSS, .NET, Oracle, Progress, Software AG and TIBCO.

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“For us, Axway API Gateway is the starting point for unlocking information for customers. It unlocks all our internal web services, which are part of the service-oriented architecture, and securely makes them available to the outside world. It’s our first line of defense.”

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    Facilitating integrations that generate some 600,000 transactions per month

  • Success Story: Financial Services


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    Consolidating 23 legacy data centers to three Global Infrastructure Services data centers while implementing industrial-scale MFT