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Axway solutions are deployed by over 11,000 companies spanning 100 countries.

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  • Rock-solid file transfer for a global financial services company with more than 85 million customers worldwide

  • One of the largest producers of electricity and heat in Europe uses Axway Interchange to serve over 7.4 million customers

  • Automated data interactions with partners for vastly more efficient purchasing, logistics and payments processes

  • Helping a major player in the Belgian national health sector handle medical reimbursements for more than 3 million people

  • Cloud-based business data exchange for a network of 200,000 trading partners and 8,500 financial service providers across 200 countries

  • Highly reliable EDI and visibility supporting critical just-in-sequence deliveries with virtually no downtime

  • Facilitating integrations that generate some 600,000 transactions per month

  • The largest automated clearing house in Europe uses Axway Gateway to process 13 billion payments each year

  • Providing secure, automated file exchange for 22 California state agencies and hundreds of partners and end users

  • Full visibility into data flows across 245 logistics centers spanning 59 countries

  • Processing 2.5 billion accounting entries annually

  • Consolidating 23 legacy data centers to three Global Infrastructure Services data centers while implementing industrial-scale MFT

  • Delivering Just-in-Time, Just-in-Sequence processing and a four-fold increase in efficiency globally

  • Powering 2.5 million file transfers a month to keep global assembly lines moving

  • Maintaining near-100-percent uptime to keep a global supply chain in motion

  • PC powerhouse chooses Axway B2B to manage its global supply chain

  • Enabling secure, fully HIPAA-compliant claims payment and processing

  • Accelerating accounting and financial operations for large-scale optimization across all business processes

  • Guaranteeing SLAs of 99.5% for an automotive supply chain operating 25 manufacturing facilities across 18 countries

  • Migrate healthcare transactions from paper and dedicated private networks to the Internet, while complying with HIPAA and other regs

  • Eliminating 90% of unwanted email traffic globally, before it penetrates the corporate email infrastructure

  • Meeting global compliance initiatives while streamlining serial number management capabilities across locations worldwide

  • Integrated, seamless access control for customers and partners across web, mobile, API and EDI channels

  • Consolidating infrastructure for a savings of $60 million in operational costs globally 

  • Governing 30,000 file transfers a day from 800 shops to corporate headquarters

  • Centralizing EDI integration for more than 6,000 B2B partners

  • Handling millions of messages between brokers and insurance companies every day

  • Validating 500 million transactions per year, with 100% uptime

  • Providing easy-to-use file transfer for over 300 companies employing 34,000 collaborators worldwide

  • Handling millions to tens of millions of event reports every day

  • Global auto manufacturer makes Axway SecureTransport its standard for managed file transfer

  • Handling more than 100 million serialized product-data records across 3 global sites

  • Helping safeguard more than 65 terabytes of data, including credit information for 215 million U.S. citizens

  • Scaling from 20M up to 200M messages per month for a website serving 5M pensioners and contributors across France

  • Transferring nearly 1 terabyte of complex data a year and growing

  • Managing transfer and integration of more than 10 million tax declarations per day

  • Enabling more than 2 million customers to manage their utility contracts online

  • Providing 10,000 employees across 700 branches and commercial offices the flexibility to support any client format

  • Connecting over 200 applications and 10,000 partners to govern the flow of more than 260 million messages per year

  • Financial data exchange facilitating several billion euro in transactions daily

  • Saving local government £2.5 million over 10 years

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