Axway Expert Sources and Speakers

Axway staff rank among the pre-eminent thought leaders in Business Interaction Networks, and regularly speak about trends in the following topics and verticals.

Technology Convergence

The convergence of business-to-business (B2B), managed file transfer (MFT), and email security solutions has brought with it the ability to manage all interactions without inhibiting business. Axway’s thought leaders will show you how to use these abilities to root out and solve customer issues with increased efficiency, enhance customer revenue opportunities by tying events together, predict sourcing changes in real time, co-innovate more effectively with your customers, and give your customers a view over all their collaborations.

B2B, MFT, and Email Security

Flexible B2B, MFT, and email security infrastructures empower companies to identify and solve risk management, compliance, and cost-of-ownership challenges. Axway’s staff shows you how and why these infrastructures also accommodate future compatibility. If you are in an industry whose players grow as a result of mergers and acquisitions (the story of virtually all of today's large companies), you’ll need to know how to dynamically and efficiently evolve your community to deal with anything and everything your partners throw at you.

Security for Multi-Enterprise Applications

What are the characteristics of a proper security profile? Axway’s thought leaders discuss best practices around securing your connections and content, preventing unauthorized access, interfacing with the different security policies of different enterprises, and building specific security offerings to accommodate visibility and reporting demands.

Financial Services

How can financial institutions improve compliance with complex regulatory requirements, including International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and multiple General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) scenarios? How can they enhance the effectiveness of their transactions, providing visibility and analytics across transmission platforms? Axway’s thought leaders elaborate on these challenges and more, such as the advantages of empowering accounting departments with centralized control and integration, adding transparency to the production of accounts, and creating audit trails.


For healthcare payors and providers, and across the pharmaceutical supply chain, it is critical to securely transfer information from one point to another, govern all activity while the information is in transit, compile data so it’s usable, and comply with government-mandated policy, such as HIPAA. Axway’s staff discusses best practices for keeping patients – and their data – safe.


The modernization of public services brings with it opportunities to offer new services for citizens and businesses, improve the efficiency of trade facilitation, and enhance security and regulatory compliance, all while reducing costs. Axway’s staff outlines the benefits of optimizing electronic transmission rates for tasks, files, and financial data; and offering end-to-end process transparency, security and governance for both users and administrators.


Across the automotive supply chain, it is critical to improve processes, enhance visibility and transparency and speed time to market. Axway’s automotive experts can illustrate how Business Interaction Networks can generate significant time savings, increased efficiency in daily operations, and generate better quality data for analysis gained by automating business processes.

Supply Chain

Axway’s thought leaders explain why supply chain participants must improve their data management and adjust their business processes based on tangible business metrics (e.g., in-transit logistics issues, underperforming or non-compliant trading partners, etc.). They’ll show you how the foundation for successful business activity demands the development and delivery of visibility and governance solutions that enable intra- and inter-enterprise collaboration.

Retail, Manufacturing, and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Why must Retail, Manufacturing, and CPG participants improve their collaborative forecasting, planning, and supplier compliance? Axway’s staff answers this question and stresses the importance of processing and integrating standardized information with trading partners, merging real-time information about products, and merging business intelligence with real-time operational events.


Axway’s thought leaders discuss how logistics companies and departments can dynamically support a large array of B2B shipment data and protocols. They detail methods for improving collaboration and the orchestration of transportation processes, leveraging improved file transfer and visibility, helping clients take action when something in the supply chain breaks down, turning the challenge of establishing connections into a non-issue, and offering value-added benefits to your customers.

For more information, to request an interview, or to book a speaker for an upcoming event, please call or email our media contact in your location.

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